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Get Out + Give Back 
FAMILY Volunteering

Together with their FAMILY, we enable young children, ages 5 and up, to engage with give-back projects that directly benefit those struggling within our community.


Through age-appropriate volunteering opportunities, we empower kids to experience first-hand how their volunteer work has a positive impact on the community. We want Kid Volunteers to understand why they are volunteering + why it matters.

Through volunteering, we can plant the seeds of project leadership, ownership of a task, develop the skills of working together as a team to accomplish a (give-back) task, and interact + develop friendships with people you may normally never meet.

Most of our give-back projects are designed for elementary + middle school-aged Kid Volunteers.

Registration for upcoming projects opens at the beginning + mid-month. Be sure to sign up for emails.
Our projects tend to fill quickly, so don't miss out!

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Volunteer Projects

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In-Person Projects are done alongside other families, often at our non-profit collaborators location or community spaces. Families learn about a community need + work together to make a difference.

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At-Home Projects are ideal for busy families, teams, troops + classrooms. We provide a project overview with guided learning discussion + reflection questions so Kid Volunteers know who they are helping + why it matters. 

Create a kid volunteer project to meet a

Have a community need your family or Kid Volunteer is passionate about? Want to host a give-back party? Contact us to discuss a custom volunteer project.

Support the Next Generation of Kid Volunteers
We rely on the financial support of the community to be able to create family volunteering projects that are fun + meaningful for kids. Your donation will help us continue to offer Tucson-area families with in-person + at-home volunteer projects + craft a generation of kind, caring kids. ♥

How We Develop
FAMILY Volunteer Projects

No Tucson Family Volunteers project is ever the same! 
We partner with Tucson-area nonprofits to meet their current needs in a kid-friendly + intentional way. For that reason, many of the volunteer projects within our program vary + are often project-specific.

When you register for a Tucson Family Volunteers FAMILY volunteer project, you can expect:

  • Volunteer projects suited for kids attention spans, with projects that are 60-120 minutes long;

  • Carefully vetted projects that are appropriate, fun + safe for kids ages 5 and up;

  • Highly coordinated projects with partnering nonprofits to ensure Kid Volunteers have a meaningful give-back experience;

  • Pre-event education so that Kid Volunteers can better understand what they will be doing + why their volunteer work matters;

  • Post-event reflection so that families can continue the conversation with their Kid Volunteers at home and help them to develop a greater understanding + empathy for issues within our community; and

  • A takeaway snack for the Kid Volunteers!

All of our volunteer projects are offered to families at a low cost registration fee, or are free.

Help us craft a kinder community + offer even more give-back projects to Tucson families by making a donation today.


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“I think it’s important for kids to learn how to be kind to others + 

to help others out, even when you get nothing from it.”

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Untitled design (1).png

Will, Tucson Family Volunteers participant, age 12

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