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Bagging dog treats for homeless pets Southern Arizona Animal Food Bank-Crafting Kind Kids

FAMILY Volunteer Story:
The Hannley Family

One evening, when playing a dinnertime conversation game, the question was asked: What is special about our family? Our nine year old immediately responded with "We volunteer together."

"We've been actively seeking out different ways to give back and expose the kids to the needs in our community," says mom, Victoria. "There are so many needs out there and so many ways kids can be part of solving these issues."

Volunteering has become a regular part of the family culture over the last few years. "The kids have become so much more aware and conscious of the issues around us. We now have so many more conversations about issues and ways to be kind." 

Some of the family's favorite experiences have centered around food insecurity, including handing out food to families in need, making hygiene kits and bagging dog treats for the animal food bank. "We love that volunteering encourages us to experience different areas of the city, meet new people and gets us out of our comfort zone."

We want to hear about your family's volunteering experience!

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