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The sooner a child is exposed to service, you begin to plant the seeds of kindness, compassion + empathy. We can craft next generation leaders with a generous donation today. ♥



Tucson Family Volunteers was created to take the guess work out of identifying volunteer opportunities for Tucson families with young kids. The 5-13 age range is often excluded from a nonprofit’s in-house volunteer opportunities, making it difficult for families with young children to get out + give back. 

It costs $18.85 for each Kid Volunteer to participate in a 90-minute, in-person volunteering project, including supplies, project creation and coordination + takeaway snacks. 

Learn more about how we develop + create FAMILY volunteer projects, and what goes into each event.

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Do you have a Donor-Advised Fund?

We accept donations from Donor-Advised Funds + have even created custom give-back projects for donors to meet a community need they feel passionate about. We love to work with changemakers looking to make a sustainable, lasting impact in their community.

Our Funders + Supporters

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The Bialis Family

Volunteering is a great way to get out of the house, meet other people, teach your kids how to be helpers + have fun together as a family.

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Ashley, Crafting Kind Kids Family Volunteer

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