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Support the Next Generation of Kid Volunteers
We rely on the financial support of the community to be able to create family volunteering projects that are fun + meaningful for kids. Your donation will help us continue to offer Tucson-area families with in-person + at-home volunteer projects + craft a generation of kind, caring kids. ♥

Why Volunteer as a FAMILY?

Volunteering helps you as much as it helps another. The benefits of volunteering with your child are many: 

  • Spend positive quality time with your kids + family 

  • Screen-free time, engaging in meaningful service activities

  • Develop compassion + an understanding of what others are going through

  • Meet + connect with people from diverse backgrounds

  • See the good that can be done for the betterment of our community

  • Become aware of the issues in our community + develop a civic mindset

  • Develop next generation leaders of community volunteers, philanthropists, activists, and... 

  • Volunteering is FUN!

Kid Volunteers pack backpacks for kids in need.JPG.JPG

The Positive Impact of Volunteering as a FAMILY


Purpose + Meaning

We all need a sense of purpose + meaning in our lives. Including our kids. Getting out into the community to do hands-on service provides meaning beyond school, sports + extracurriculars. 


Volunteering together provides an opportunity for family conversations about community needs, insight into your kids interests + screen-free time working together to solve a societal issue.


Participating in give-back volunteering builds empathy + compassion in our kids. We can develop kids who will see a need, work to solve it + put more good into the world.
(Plus, colleges now look at kids community involvement.)

Our give-back projects focus on these
Six Pillars of Kindness:


Being Unhoused +
Food Insecurity

Kids Painting Class

Arts +

Educational Gardening

Environment + Sustainability

Health +

Park Cleanup

Community Beautification

Young Hands Holding Old Hands

Awareness + Empathy

The younger the child is exposed to volunteering then giving back becomes a habit. And those habits become the foundation for our community’s future leaders + philanthropists. 

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Untitled design (1).png

Learn more about the impact of Kid Volunteers:

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