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FAMILY Volunteer Story:
The Coffey Family

"Volunteering is important because no matter what the struggles we are facing every day, it doesn't compare to those who have far less than us," says dad.  By doing these events, the Coffey boys understand how blessed they are + now are eager to help others.

Some of the family's favorite give-back projects are the wheelchair event, Veterans Day project at Pima Air & Space Museum and all the bagging projects. "We love every one of the projects because they are all so different + help different demographics."  By participating, the family is able to tackle a community need + know they are making a difference ...even if it's a small one.  

"By volunteering together, the boys understand the importance of looking at things with an open lens + know that there are so many people in this world that struggle daily. The boys are hungry to come back for more + continue to help," says dad.

"Coming together as a family to do something for the greater good has been so beneficial to my family as we are doing something different other than school and sports," says dad. The conversations the Coffey Family has during + after a volunteering project as well as the extra time they get to spend together has really been special. "We can't wait to continue helping!"

We want to hear about your family's volunteering experience!

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