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Why We Changed Our Name

In August 2021, a Tucson mom of three young kids took a chance and launched a family volunteer organization under the name Crafting Kind Kids. The word "crafting kind kids" was a play on words with the idea that by volunteering at a young age, we begin to craft/mold/model kind kids and create next generation leaders.

However, many in the community thought Crafting Kind Kids was an arts-n-crafts organization. Ironically, very few of our family volunteer projects have any crafting involved. What we offer to Tucson-area families is a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, from park cleanups, mural painting to resource kit bundling with many more in between.

In short, the name Crafting Kind Kids did not reflect the breadth of family volunteer projects nor who we serve. It was time to find a way to better reflect who we are, what we do and ultimately, engage more Tucson families in our mission.

From Crafting Kind Kids to Tucson Family Volunteers

We are now Tucson Family Volunteers!

Everything we do has today's modern family in mind. We create volunteer projects for Tucson-area families of all types, often in 90 minutes or less, to easily fit into today's super busy family life.

We empower kids of every age to give back and do so through fun, intentional and meaningful family volunteer projects. Our name may have changed, but our mission remains the same. You're never too young to volunteer.


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