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Thankful Thursday: The Mural Makes Folks Feel Cared For

Drive around Tucson and you're bound to come upon a large, colorful wall mural. And now Kid and Family Volunteers are part of the effort to beautify Tucson!

The cinderblock wall that houses the Tucson Food Share nonprofit was covered in graffiti bad words. Knowing there are families that live in this area, Tucson Food Share "commissioned" our Kid Volunteers to paint over this graffiti.

Kid and Family Volunteers paint wall mural for Tucson Food Share's community garden and food bank.

The mural makes folks feel cared for

Underneath the kid-painted wall mural are the Tucson Food Share community garden produce planters. Designed to encourage the neighborhood to visit, volunteer and participate in free community meals, these murals are a bright spot for this area.

"The kids doing a mural like this makes all the folks in the area feel cared for. It's incredibly uplifting for them and brightens their days," says Tucson Food Share volunteer Tiger Brooke. "Most of our community members who get assistance from [Tucson Food Share] are in a rough place, they feel alone or forgotten about."

Wall murals painted by Kid and Family Volunteers to benefit Tucson Food Share organization.

Tucson Food Share's mission is to distribute food and other necessities without judgment to anyone who asks. They seek to make resources accessible, prioritizing the needs of their neighbors who are forgotten about.

"We have worked hard to make this garden for them. It gives folks a free space to exist in peace, and it's a useful space that they can contribute to, able bodied or not. The murals are bright and pleasing," says Tiger.

So awesome to see kids volunteering to help us

While busy beautifying the wall, a neighbor and Tucson Food Share recipient stopped by. He was beyond thrilled and told the Kid Volunteers "how amazing it was to see kids [volunteering] in this area".

With two wall panels successfully and colorfully painted, Kid and Family Volunteers will eventually paint the remainder of the wall.

Kid Volunteers paint blocks that house the Tucson Food Share community garden planters.

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