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The Who, What and Why of our Family Volunteer Projects

Everything we do has Kid Volunteers in mind. We always want to ensure kids know why they were dragged to a volunteer project on a weekend morning. It's for this reason that we work incredibly hard to custom create Family Volunteer projects that any kiddo, ages 4-13, can successfully accomplish.

All the Things We Consider When Creating Family Volunteer Projects

We all know it's surprisingly hard to find places to volunteer with young kids. (It's the whole reason why Tucson Family Volunteers was created in the first place!) When we collaborate with a nonprofit on a volunteer project, we keep in mind the following criteria:

  • Can a Kid Volunteer, whether age 4 or 13, easily do the volunteer project?

  • Will the volunteer project take longer than 60-90 minutes to complete?

  • Is the volunteer space appropriate for kids?

  • Can the project be explained in a kid-friendly way?

  • Does the volunteer project benefit someone within the community?

  • Will Kid Volunteers have fun participating in the project?

Why No Project Is Ever the Same

Rarely will you find two Tucson Family Volunteer projects that are exactly the same! The bulk of our Family Volunteer projects are custom-created to be suitable for families with young kids. Why? Because it's pretty hard to find organizations that welcome small kids in to participate in their work.

So every time we offer Tucson-area families with a volunteer opportunity, we work closely with the benefiting nonprofit to address the points listed above. It takes about 8-12 hours of behind-the-scenes planning + coordination for each Family Volunteer project. Needless to say, there's a lot of thought, meetings and phone calls required to put together a volunteer project!

We Fill the Niche for Families Who Want to Volunteer

With Tucson Family Volunteers, all you have to do is register for a project, show up on the day of the project and volunteer. We provide you with everything you need to successfully complete a give-back project. We respect families time so every project centers around being kid-friendly, super meaningful and impactful to a fellow Tucsonan.

Want to be part of our behind-the-scenes team? We have opportunities for parents/adults/responsible teens to become Project Leaders. With support of the community and funding from supporters like you, Tucson Family Volunteers will be able to offer even more volunteer projects to Tucson families. 


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