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You Have To Pay To Volunteer?

Sometimes we hear the comment, "There's a fee to volunteer?" Yes, the truth is that some of our Family Volunteer projects do have a Family Registration Fee. 

Why? Because finding places to volunteer with young kids is surprisingly challenging. (It's the reason why Tucson Family Volunteers was created!) Today's busy families don't have the time to call around and find the nonprofit willing to let kids come in. 

We Work to Make Volunteering Super Simple

With Tucson Family Volunteers, all you have to do is register for a project, show up on the day of the project and volunteer. The $15 Family Registration Fee goes towards the purchase of every single item needed for Family Volunteers to successfully complete a particular give-back project. Including takeaway snacks for the Kid Volunteers!

The average Tucson Family Volunteer project for 4-5 families to participate costs approximately $309.52! This also includes the many hours spent coordinating and planning the project as well as executing the project on the day-of so that Tucson families can easily expose their kids to the needs within the community.

We Cover All the Project Needs so Families Can Just Volunteer

We aren't in this to make money off of Tucson families. The reality is that creating volunteer projects that will benefit someone in need within Tucson and making them super doable for super busy families requires funds. 

Because we believe that volunteering should be accessible to anyone who wants to do it, we offer plenty of FREE projects. We will also cover the fee of any family that wants to volunteer yet cannot pay. 

Our goal is that with more backing from the community and funding from supporters like you, Tucson Family Volunteers will be able to offer sponsored projects that are no cost to Tucson families


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