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Oh, the holidays! Whether you absolutely love them or find Christmas decorations on display in September totally displeasing, these annual celebrations continue to appear on the calendar. Every single year. And if you have kids, there's no avoiding or selectively ignoring the holidays, big or small.


But the holiday dread does not have to be so. Instead, the holidays can become an excellent excuse for spreading love, friendship and KINDNESS. The holidays are the perfect reason to make someone else's day a little brighter, merrier and of course, kinder.


Crafting Kind Kids HOLIDAYS is a DIY crafting book with more than 30 creatively kind ideas for kids and families to create together. Throughout this book are doable ways to spread holiday and seasonal kindness. Full of creative ways to craft kindness, Crafting Kind Kids HOLIDAYS provides simple ways to practice compassion and foster a joy of giving within our kids. The holidays are busy enough! But there is always time to spread kindness.

Crafting Kind Kids: Holidays

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