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Crafting Kind Kids is a DIY crafting book with 40 creatively kind ideas for kids and families to create together. Throughout this book are fun, affordable and easy suggestions for spreading kindness at home, with friends and in our communities.


Regardless of how busy our lives may be, there are always simple ways to show kindness towards others, foster a joy of giving in our kids and make our neighborhoods a happier place to live. From baking cookies, crafting kindness bookmarks for your local library to drawing art for senior citizens in need, the ideas are endless when it comes to crafting kindness.


Perfect for distracted preschoolers to time-pressed parents, Crafting Kind Kids has kind ideas for all crafting skill levels using basic supplies. So pull out the paper, scissors and glue and together we can craft a kinder world.

Crafting Kind Kids: 40 Kindness Crafts for Kids and Families

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